Business Continuity vs. Traditional Backup

A sound business continuity plan is a must for any business, regardless of its size or the industry in which it operates. Without one, your company’s stability is at risk, and you could incur significant expenses trying to remedy the problems caused by an interruption. In a worst-case scenario, a disaster could even put your company out of business altogether.

Traditional approaches to disaster recovery use legacy technologies such as time-consuming tape backups to back up critical data, incrementally adding new information to the established base. However, in recent years, these approaches have largely been superseded by intelligent business continuity strategies, which use a range of automated technologies to create locally hosted and cloud-based data backups. Intelligent systems eliminate the need to manually overwrite existing information with new, full backups, delivering a superior solution that offers a long list of benefits and advantages.

Business Continuity vs. Traditional Backup: Comparing Recovery Times

  • Legacy backup technologies can create reliable backups, but it can take a very long time to make a full recovery. In some cases, the process of recovering critical data and getting your business back up and running like usual can take weeks.
  • Intelligent solutions, on the other hand, greatly minimize downtime. Businesses can recover from interruptions far more quickly — sometimes within minutes or even seconds.

Business Continuity vs. Traditional Backup: The Human Element

  • Traditional approaches also create a greater risk of human error, since manual input is often a necessity.
  • Intelligent solutions liberate businesses from the human element, automating backup processes and requiring very little manual intervention.

Business Continuity vs. Traditional Backup: Verification Made Easy

  • With legacy technologies, it can be very time-consuming to perform checks and tests to make sure the system is functioning correctly.
  • With intelligent business continuity, the verification process is easy; image-based data backups are automatically created, and screenshots are emailed to approved users. No more guesswork or difficult tests!

Business Continuity vs. Traditional Backup: More Advantages of Intelligent Approaches

Traditional backups can force users to choose between cloud-based and local devices, creating unnecessary risk.

The solutions driven by intelligent technologies use both local devices and the cloud, thus diversifying storage locations to improve security and reliability.

Further advantages intelligent business continuity strategies include:

  • Reduce back-up windows and band width requirements with deduplication and other data optimization tools
  • Instant virtualization, which further improves recovery time
  • Protection from small errors to large disasters when storing data in multiple locations
  • Encrypt sensitive information, protect your data and ensure regulatory compliance
  • Reduce costs of creating and managing alternate DR sites with automated offsite cloud storage
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