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SimpliVity provides a hyper converged infrastructure solution that many companies are adopting today.

SimpliVity has developed essentially a VM appliance called OmniCube that provides all the necessary elements of infrastructure services needed in a single 2U Device. We’ve recently added this exciting technology to our portfolio offerings; it is easy to deploy and manage and costs one third of the other platforms most companies are traditionally using to run VM Workloads.


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Economic Insight Paper: Is Hyperconverged Cost-Competitive with the Cloud?

The OmniCube hyper converged solution is a great fit for the data center; remote offices that still require local infrastructure; any initiatives you might have around developing or expanding internal/private clouds; data migration; dev/test/QA; or creating or expanding VDI infrastructure. In all cases SimpliVity acquisition and operating cost are significantly lower than what has previously been possible and so much easier to manage and install.

The flexible architecture of the OmniStack Data Virtualization Platform allows SimpliVity to offer a range of OmniCube models that apply to a broad range of environments and use cases.

Omnicube Models

omnicube models[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]Features for OmniCube and OmniStack Solutions

  • Fully Integrated System. Combines x86 resources, networking, and storage access to assimilate all IT infrastructure and services below the hypervisor.
  • 10GB Unified Network Fabric. Low-latency, lossless, wire-once deployment means fewer interface cards, cables, and ports to maintain.
  • Intel Xeon x86 Processor Product Families. Powerful, dual CPU x86 configuration availability delivers an outstanding combination of performance, flexibility, and efficiency gains.
  • TCO Reduction. Eliminate the need to purchase multiple discrete components, optimize storage capacity with 40:1 data efficiency, and prevent over-provisioning for performance and capacity with on demand expansion.
  • Efficiency and Agility. Streamline operations with VM-centric management and mobility, and speed time to deploy infrastructure for new workloads.
  • Mitigate Risk. Significantly improve RPOs and RTOs, reduce storage and network requirements for data protection with VM-centric backup and WAN-optimized replication for DR.

Case Studies

Learn how St. John’s Riverside Hospital incorporated Omnicube which resulted in a 50% performance increase.

St. John’s Case Study

See how HighCotton, a document outsourcing company benefited from replacing their outdated multivendor IT environment with Simplivity hyperconverged infrastructure.

HighCotton Case Study

OmniStack technology is available in SimpliVity’s OmniCube, the OmniStack Integrated Solution with Cisco Unified Compute System, and the OmniStack Integrated Solution with Lenovo System x3650 M5.Therefore, if you’re a company that requires Lenovo or Cisco branded equipment, Metro Business Systems can deliver. SimpliVity is the fastest IT solution to reach a billion dollar valuation for a reason. Just contact Metro today and we’ll be glad to discuss your interest in one of the best hyper-converged solutions on the market.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/3″][dt_fancy_image image=”” image_alt=”simplivity top benefits”][vc_column_text]Resources

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