The Key Advantages of Hyper-Converged Data Protection

Data has historically grown exponentially, resulting in ever-increasing storage capacity needs. At the same time, businesses are placing pressure on IT to back up data more frequently, restore that data more quickly, and support more aggressive SLAs. The solution to this problem has traditionally required either the utilization of solid state drives (SSDs) or the creation of oversized pools of HDDs in order to provide the necessary performance, both of which increase the cost of the storage system.

Organizations have invested in a variety of discrete data storage, data efficiency and data protection solutions to cope with this ever-increasing data growth. Various point technologies were introduced over time—bolted on in a reactive manner to tackle a particular symptom of the data problem. As a result, many organizations are now held hostage to a multitude of disparate data storage, management and protection products. Each product is often supplied by a different vendor and features a unique administrative interface.

Hyperconverged infrastructure provides all the necessary elements of infrastructure services  (compute, storage, networking, backup, DR, WANop, etc.) in a single 2U appliance that is easy to deploy and manage and costs one third of the infrastructure platforms most companies are using to run VM workloads

Six Key Benefits of Hyperconverged Built-in Data Protection

  • Cost Savings – Data protection is fully integrated into a Hyperconverged offering and architected into its technical foundation, eliminating the need for purpose-built back/recovery and disaster recovery application and appliances.
  • Simplicity – Management of backup policies are performed at the VM-level, with just a few clicks, and fully managed within the familiar VMware vCenter interface.
  • Storage Efficiency without performance impact – On average customers realize 40:1 data efficiency, including backup data, while at same time increasing application performance
  • Fast, reliable protection for Remote Office/Branch Office – Data efficiency reduces the volume of data sent over WAN links, enabling full backups to be performed as frequently as needed to meet aggressive Recovery Point Objectives.
  • Business Continuity  – Restore in seconds or minutes & reduce downtime with the ability to restore terabyte VMs in seconds to minutes. Cloning operations on running VMs are instantaneous, with minimal impact to production applications.
  • Full-featured backup solution – Deliver object-level and file-level restoration of databases like Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Exchange and more.

These benefits are the hallmark of SimpliVity, one of the leading hyperconvergence brands in the Data Protection market.

Not All Hyperconvergence Solutions Are the Same

SimpliVity hyperconverged infrastructure delivers the best of both worlds: x86 cloud economics with critical enterprise capabilities. The SimpliVity solution reduces TCO, improves performance and efficiency. SimpliVity’s built-in data protection capabilities mitigate risk, simplify operations, and enable IT organizations to achieve strict Recovery Point Objectives. These benefits are a hallmark of SimpliVity and are offered by Metro Business Systems. To learn more about how your business can benefit from SimpliVity’s signature approach to hyperconvergence, please call us today at 203-973-2121.