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MBS IT Services is an industry leader in IT procurement management, offering efficient hardware acquisition at competitive prices.

What is procurement?

To define the term broadly, “Procurement” or “procurement management” is the systematic approach used for buying all the goods and services needed for an organization to stay sustainable. Distinctly different from “purchasing”, procurement management involved the following activities: establishing fundamental requirements, sourcing activities such as market research and vendor evaluation and negotiation of contracts. It can also include the purchasing activities required to order and receive goods. If you manage your procurement well, it will add value to all of your business practices and save you both money and time. By partnering with MBS IT Services as your procurement management team, we can take a lot of the responsibility off your hands so you can focus on other important aspects of running your business.

Your dedicated single-point of contact will keep you updated on current inventory levels and lead times, special pricing opportunities, replacement products for discontinued items and any other information you might need to streamline your procurement process.

MBS IT Services can offer numerous flexible financing options to align with your growing business needs. Corporate Purchase Cards, e-commerce solutions, and straight forward leasing options make doing business with Metro hassle free!

MBS has built thousands of industry relationships with players across the IT field, from large industry leaders to lesser-known niche players.  By having MBS as your IT procurement specialist, you will reap the benefits of these decades-old relationships.

mbs is an it procurement management and specialist

These are some of the benefits of working with our experienced account managers and trusting MBS as your IT procurement specialist :

Account Management Team – An experienced team of senior account representatives dedicated solely to the success of your business.

One Point of Contact – All requests, quotes, orders, customer service, tech support, returns, online support, accounting and operations management are handled by the dedicated MBS Team. Less time chasing different departments, dealing with unfamiliar contacts and sorting out communication errors leads to more productivity.

Unlimited Resources – small dedicated team but has access to unlimited resources.  Product and tech support on thousands of different products and manufacturers, access to evaluation equipment, promotions and project management support.

Manufacturer Relationships – MBS industry experience and vendor relationships are used to assist in negotiating discounts, contract maintenance (renewing and updating Bid Letters), obtain evaluation equipment and problem resolution.

Problem Resolution – MBS dedicated team acts as a no nonsense facilitator as well as arbitrator to resolve procurement problems. MBS can manage returns, damaged goods, freight problems, product defects, fulfillment issues and complaints.  Many challenging, costly and time consuming problems disappear.   The cost reduction benefits are staggering.

Customer AssistanceOrder Processing.  Often purchase requests are complex and contain errors, are missing part numbers, have inaccurate information and configuration issues.  The MBS team is familiar with our clients’ corporate standards and works closely and patiently with stakeholders purchase teams to remedy the errors, and limit rogue purchasing.  A tremendous amount of time is required to handle this issue daily.  Even the best of call centers or inside sales groups would be facing a daunting challenge and require an exorbitant amount of time to manage this process.  The MBS Team is an invaluable resource when it comes to order processing.

Communication – MBS works closely on a daily basis with purchasing teams, IT staff, receiving departments and end users to ensure an extensive amount of information sharing and collaboration exists.

While MBS recognizes the value of our procurement process and specialization, we also strongly value personalized support. When you partner with us, you’ll have a personal relationship with one of our account managers who will implement our procurement solutions to help you make the best IT decisions. We are always monitoring the industry and keep you updated on all pertinent information about your account, finding the lowest cost solutions for your specific needs.

Are you looking for a solution to your IT procurement challenges? Call or contact us today.